Meditation For Beginners: A Simple And Practical Guide To Get Back Your Inner Peace & Happiness And Start Living On A Deeper And More Satisfying Level

Discover how to get rid of stress and anxiety, calm your mind and uncover new heights of fulfillment and a renewed sense of purpose with this definitive guide to meditation!
In Meditation For Beginners, Dan Goldsmith lays down the blueprint to effective, no-fluff meditation techniques to help you get in touch with your inner Zen with a practice-based approach that makes integrating meditation into your daily schedule easy.
In Meditation For Beginners, you’re going to discover:
• Why the “monkey mind” mindset of jumping from one shiny object to another is holding you back from success and how to break free and gain a razor sharp focus.
• A peek “under the hood” on how meditation directly affects the brain and how you can use this to your advantage.
• The subtle, but important difference between thinking and awareness.
• The “big mind, small mind” paradigm: How this ancient Japanese Zen philosophy can change how you think about the world.
• Step-by-step instructions to help you live mindfully in the present moment.
• How to treat deep-seated emotional issues using meditation.
• An unique 30 Days Meditation Challenge that will help you enter in this journey.
• …and tons more!
Designed with beginners in mind, Meditation For Beginners is a guide chock-full with actionable tips and advice that will help you get your life back from the clutches of stress and other negative energies. Moreover, you don’t have to be a Zen monk to put into practice the simple exercises and principles presents in this book and start seeing results!
Ready to embrace mindfulness and connect with your true self?
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