Serve: Definitely Not Religious

This is a self help development and growth book from an average person to all trying to better themselves. This is a short book that gets to the point without a lot of homework.

How to develop a child into a leader with financial freedom:
1. Giving $10 to a child for completed chores will raise them to have an employee mindset.
2. Giving $10 to a child for completing self-help development and growth books will raise them to be a leader with financial freedom. 

I believe in the consummate pursuit of happiness. Happiness has many forms, is found in many places, and is defined in countless ways. Each and every one of us defines happiness in our own unique and special way and that is one of the precious gifts of life. The baseline to my pursuit of a higher happiness is laughter. It is imperative for me to maintain an ongoing baseline. I feel that this is a key component to a successful life’s journey. Frequent and heartfelt laughter is a window into the soul of me. This daily walk with laughter provides a solid foundation for me–a dependable baseline to work from in order to pursue ever higher and higher levels of happiness. What makes me laugh, you might ask. Good question. I would say, many things make me laugh. A good joke, a masterful comedian, my silly girlfriend when she’s had a little too much wine, a funny t-shirt. The world is imperfect, I am imperfect, but with laughter, the imperfections fade away, and enjoyment and peacefulness come into focus. Let’s laugh–at the imperfections, the oddities, the quirkiness of all that is humanity and this world that we share. Let’s laugh–at each other, and at the same time, embrace each other and share in the absurdity of it all.

You may wish to visit my website where I have created a collection of items that bring me joy and laughter, and perhaps will bring you joy and laughter as well.

This is a self development/growth book. I will try to open your mind to think of certain ideologies from different perspectives. For example, the common idea of “money can’t bring you happiness” can be looked at in many different ways.