Spirits of the Land

The fall of the medieval Kingdom of Ghana is causing political turmoil throughout the land. Two powerful kings will clash as they attempt to read the signs and control the forces that have been unleashed. King Kon Fatta with the blood of the lion looks to full-fill a prophecy with Sologon, the Buffalo woman, and curb the power of King Sumaguru of the Sosso. Sumaguru, a sorcerer king wants power and gold and will take what he believes is rightfully his. Sogolon gives birth to a boy, Sundjata, who Kon hopes will become special and turn the tide against a drought and the power of Sumaguru. But, when tragedy strikes King Fatta and his kingdom, Sundjata and his mother must run for their lives and go on a journey. Sundjata must find the courage to become a man, talk to the ancestors, and become the Lion King of Mali.