Essential Little Talks: Teach Your Kids About Sex and Profoundly Better Their Lives

Every family needs to have talks that:
• empower their kids to approach sexuality thoughtfully and responsibly
• contain what kids want to hear directly from their parents
• protect kids from abuse and help them grow into healthy young adults
Having sex can present many complications and risks, but good information and communication can do much to delay sexual activity and help kids make good choices. As parents, how can we ensure that our kids have a healthy, well-informed perspective about sex and all that it entails? The answer rests in starting an ongoing dialogue with them about human sexuality, and much earlier than you may think necessary. But how do you get started?
When Michael Gene learned about the Dutch approach to sex education and how Dutch kids benefit greatly from growing up in a culture that embraces positive human sexual relationships, he conducted further research on the subject, hoping that he could help his daughter experience the same benefit. In Essential Little Talks, he presents his findings to inspire you to provide this benefit to your own kids along with some scripts to help you get started. There is also a checklist you can go through with your kids when they are old enough and feel ready for sex.
Talking about a subject as complex as sex is best done using a building-block approach with lots of essential, little talks. Forgoing the opportunity to educate our kids means that their friends, online sources, and traditional media will do it for us. What they learn will not be what we hope for. Thus, it becomes increasingly imperative that parents take the initiative. We want our boys and girls to have the skills to ward off the coercion of others and be free to pursue the fulfilling, happy relationships they deserve. Let’s teach our kids information they can use to stay healthy and find enjoyment in all aspects of their lives, including sexuality.