Wizard Of Our Time (The Suffolk Sentinel Series Book 1)

Eddie Holt is the Suffolk Sentinel and this means he needs to keep the supernatural creatures of Suffolk in check. Being a Sentinel of The Order means he is tasked with keeping quiet everything that plagues humanity.
The problem is, with the recent death of the Essex Sentinel, he is also covering Essex until a replacement is appointed and this means he has a lot of ground to cover. 
Suffolk has a lot of spirts and Essex as we all know is run by vampires and this means he is spread very thin, often in an area he doesn’t know.
In Eddie’s opening story he is looking for a missing girl called Tabitha having taken some work from a person known as ‘The Broker.’
If Eddie thought this job would be an easy pay day or another dead-end job from The Broker, then he is definitely wrong, as he encounters a host of supernatural problems.