Declutter Now!: 5 Simple Daily Habits To A Clean & Neat Home

#1 Best seller in the “new release” category.

Want that Clean, Neat, Warm and Comfortable home without suffering the mental stress of decluttering.
Declutter now! Will show you how you can adopt 5 simple daily habits to achieve that.
The method is so simple and it works! It will take up only 10-15 minutes of your time every day. By adopting the habits in this book, not only will you have a neater and cleaner home, you will soon have a clearer mind, feel lighter in spirit and lead a satisfying, stress free life.
This book will guide you on:
•The 5 simple daily habits that is not only easy to follow, you can start immediately and effortlessly.
•Practical action plans to declutter and create a warm, comfortable, inviting home.
•Techniques that will channel your time, energy wisely and correctly. It includes checklists, activities, and troubleshooting.
•Mental exercises to overcome the stressful dilemma and helps to make “THAT TOUGH” decision.
•Change, implement and sustain – A launch pad to a fulfilling and productive life and to live it the way you have always imagined – STRESS FREE!!!!
There are much more you need to know!!!