The Timekeeper’s Inn

The Timekeeper’s Inn is a thrilling ride through history and an imagined future, using actual historic figures who have disappeared in time, giving them an alternate reality as to what may have happened to them. Visit the Dark Ages and rescue a woman accused of witchcraft, or travel forward in time and help a family escape the death camps of Auschwitz. Sometimes the journey is the destination as Nicholas Keys and Brooke Gates team up to gather pieces of the puzzle and people along the way. They discover more than they signed up for as they look across time for the missing pieces that just might lead them back to each other and the ones they love. Time is a construct, invented by humankind to create continuity. The Timekeeper’s Inn will break the laws of time, space and reality as it takes you on a journey of the soul and its capability to love beyond time, beyond space and beyond their imagination. All will be revealed as you check in and hold on, this motel is about to jump across time.