Time Framed

Time Framed the #SciFi #Paranormal Thriller has been called “an atypical time-travel story…fascinating” by Kirkus Reviews and “brilliant,” “hard to put down,’ and “captivating, deeply imaginative,” by readers. ONLY $2.99 on #KINDLE.
Two periods of time clash with an alternative universe in Time Framed, a suspenseful paranormal/sci-fi novel about a revered American family pitted against each other in a vicious battle across time and space and alternate realities to determine who will be the victim of a ravaging multi-generational family curse dating back to the Mayflower. The fate and fortune of the family hangs in the balance.
Time Framed combines elements of The Witching Hour (a multigenerational family curse), Ready Player One (a virtual battle for self-preservation under the oppression of a political dystopia) and both Stephen King’s The Dead Zone and 11.22.63 (an ominous urgency to deter the inevitability of a disastrous future). This thought-provoking, riveting work weaves together science, technology, and politico-economic fears, alongside timeless themes of hauntings, curses and the fragility of family pride.