Stress No More: Live Stress Free, Worry Free and Anxiety Free: Discover 20 Ways to Control and Relieve Stress in 24 Hours

According to recently conducted research, anxiety disorders affect a staggering 40 million adults in the US. Another research on stress shows that 73% of people regularly suffer from psychological symptoms of stress whereas a whopping 77% experience physical symptoms of stress. These alarming statistics clearly show how widespread these two problems have become and how they continue to affect the emotional, physical and psychological wellbeing of many people.
If you often feel overwhelmed, frustrated, apprehensive and agitated and these feelings do not easily fade away, it is likely that you too suffer from chronic stress, worry, and anxiety. While you cannot completely evade stress and anxiety, as the two are also our body’s natural responses to life-threatening situations and challenges, you can equip yourself with the strategies to manage stress and anxiety better. This ensures you do not allow the issues to rule you and negatively affect your life.