RELENTLESS: When Life Come Crushing! We Don’t Go Falling

Relentless, is a book written to press on the facts of life, what life gives to us daily, monthly and yearly until we exit this world. It’s a true life story which may have happened to you somehow.This book emphasises on recognising God as our pillar in life, knowing how to trust God and work with him, for life will always bring tribulations and challenges our way. We must work with God to make life great; the business of life is not to stand alone but to stand with God.Every tough time and moment gives us the power to triumph if we know the secret of acknowledging God and working the walk with Him alone. It doesn’t matter how many times you fell but what counts is how many time you are able to rise and hold upon God. Allowing God to lead us in all things proverbs 3: 5-7.