Dawn of Eternity: Arising

Dawn of Eternity: Arising is the first. It is the beginning. It is the seed of it all.

It is a story that started a long time ago, and perhaps like the vampire, has an immortal soul that will live forever. It is the story of friends fighting against a true darkness, a tale that seeks to invert the ideas of good and evil, and reconnect with the magick in the world we have forgotten.

Van Morgue, an orphan raised by those who now seek to dominate all life on Earth, is given the chance to be the person he always knew he was; something which his soul has always held onto. However, a deeper truth will begin to quickly unravel as unexpected allies must see reason to stand side by side.

In Arising, we witness the start of a journey that will not only take the main characters, but the friends they make in the process, into the darkness that is growing upon the world: the Farothers.

It is in this new struggle that Morgue finds himself, fighting to learn who he has become, and who he must be-by choice or destiny.