Just In Time (The Absolutely True Adventures of Finnegan Falcon Book 1)

Finnegan Falcon was just an average kid trying to enjoy reading comic books, playing video games and putting off studying for his next History test. But, while checking out the shelves at his favorite comic shop, Finnegan finds a golden medallion that changes his average life forever.

In the medieval kingdom of Kanerva a ruthless warlord has enslaved the populace and stolen the throne. Anyone not taken prisoner has fled into hiding. Only a small band of warriors is left to oppose him.

Whisked away to Kanerva and hunted by the evil warlord, Finnegan finds out that he really isn’t very average at all and the fate of the multi-verse will be determined by the success of his impossible quest.

With the help of some strange new friends and the mysterious girl from his dreams Finnegan sets off on the adventure of a lifetime. With so much riding on his shoulders can an average kid from Arkansas stand up to the challenge?