Lancaster Bomber Tail Gunner 2: The Peenemunde Raid (Tail Gunner series)

Lancaster Bomber Tail Gunner 2 

The hazardous raid by Lancasters against theV1 and V2 rocket base PEENEMUNDE at the very top of Germany on the Baltic Sea, 700 miles from England, beyond the reach of radio navigation beams. Not only did they face night fighters, searchlights, and flack, but the fearsome new weapon ‘Schrage Musik,’ two fifty mm cannons pointing upward in a night fighter, drifting below the undefended belly of a Lancaster with catastrophic effect.

1940 World War ll, England, standing alone against triumphant German forces threatening invasion from across the narrow channel, had to depend upon the Royal Air Force, the RAF, to take action. This book continues the story of a young Australian airman, Harry, landing after the raid on Berlin in best selling Lancaster Bomber Tail Gunner 1, two days before the raid in this second book in the series. Reviews of TAIL GUNNER 1 attest to readers experiencing a feeling of “Being there”.as the story unfolds for them.