The best day for adventures: Awesome friendship story for kids

Stacy is a little dragon princess who lives in the Hidden World in the center of the Bermuda Triangle with her parents and younger brothers. Stacy has never seen the outside world and is fed up of being teased because she can’t make fire, so, as her curiosity and frustration grows, she decides to take matters into her own hands.

Flying to the beach one day, she meets Dean, a whale who agrees to show her the way to the mainland. Once there, Stacy encounters the ten-year-old Jack, a young boy who accepts her for what she is and shows her around the local amusement park.

But there are others who are less kind and soon two poachers become aware of the dragon in their midst and plot to kidnap Stacy to add to their collection of fantastic beasts.

Can Stacy save herself and her new friends? And can she then find a way to get back home to the family that loves her?