The Elena Agenda: A Jack Wolf Novel

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Will the winner of the prize wield god-like power? An amulet, innocently discovered by an archaeologist and collector of antiquities, is the key to the bloody plague that has settled on Chicago. As Thomas, Clem, and Trinity search to discover the key to violently bloody, mysterious deaths, they stumble upon something more terrifying than they ever imagined. The murder victims are not just shot or stabbed, they are literally torn apart by their attackers. Enter the world of Jack Wolf, one that few have ever experienced. A world of gargoyles, necromancers, witches, and otherworldly creatures whose mission is to reclaim the amulet and return it to its rightful place. The Elena Agenda pulses with action, involved dialogue, and intense scenes of hedonistic sex that take you on a roller coaster ride that leads to the answers. Jack Wolf’s world is one that once entered; few are able to make their way out again.