Present History (Hands of Time Book 1)

Ellie Daniels never saw it coming…
Her life was peaceful and fulfilling, working as a successful young author in New York City. While she creates paper people to release the grief of losing her mother so early and not having the support network of friends and family, her father spends his time serving with the NYPD. Ellie and Martin Daniels have each other. They’re surviving. Not thriving, but they’re alive, and that’s all that matters, until the night a vicious attack leaves Ellie reeling. 
Traumatized and not knowing how to process her grief, Ellie flees New York and returns to the summer cottage of her childhood in Maple Ridge when mysterious people from history begin appearing in her house. From battered war heroes to charming U.S. Marshal Howie Robertson, Ellie begins to understand that not all those from history wish to stay there. 
The past is chasing her, and he has a name.