Reawakened: Book Two of the Eternal Trilogy

The eagerly awaited second book in the Eternal series.

Don’t be fooled; Vala is no ordinary young woman. To human eyes, she may look like just another dedicated student trying to finish her degree, but those in the fae realm know better. After uncovering her fae heritage and defeating the Spindler—one of the realm’s darkest villains—she’s gained a reputation as a powerful enchantress and gifted healer. 

Now free from the threat of the Spindler, Vala pours her energies into making a life with her new husband Elvar, finishing her university studies, and nurturing her magical abilities. But just as Vala feels she’s got things in balance, the dreaded Dessicati strike the fae realm, stealing souls, killing their hosts—and word is they’re coming for Vala. 

With the help of her family and friends, can Vala confront this new threat to the fae realm before the world she loves is torn apart?