Pressure to Pleasure: A Seven Pillar Pathway for Living Your Best Life

Practical tools to help you shift your life – from feeling weighed down with pressure, towards greater pleasure and energy to live stress-free optimum life!

According to the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), up to 90% of all illness and diseases are stress related. Stress affects our well being, happiness, health and every area of our lives. We cannot control what happens in our lives, but we can shift our state from pressure to pleasure.

Pressure to Pleasure is a practical, proven, and easy-to-use alchemy of tools to shift your state from stress to bliss, from numbness to radiance, and from low energy to high energy. You will learn tools to not only release stress from your mind, body, and life, and also how to bring exponential life-force energy and aliveness into every day.

This book provides a very simple framework of Seven Pillars – an alchemical toolbox brimming with ancient methodologies like yoga, mindfulness, tao and tantra; combined with modern scientific research. This unique set of tools helps you live your optimum life in every moment.

This groundbreaking Seven Pillar method helps you look at your relationship with yourself, your emotions and the patterns of your mind. It gets you deeply connected with your body, invigorates your senses, revitalizes your life-force energy, and up-levels your life. The Seven Pillars work together to help you be in a state of pleasure, the foundation for living your Best Life. 

Want to live your Best Life. Let go of stress and open up to pleasure then watch how life unfolds.

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