Eternal: Book One of the Eternal Trilogy

Vala believes she is just an ordinary teenager trying to find her place in the world with her closest friends, Jelly and Max. But her splendid normality is quickly turned upside down when she meets Elvar, a handsome fae boy that Vala finds impossible to resist. The connection between Vala and Elvar is instant and electric and it is during their relationship that Vala discovers her fae heritage and connection to the legendary King Arthur. Furthermore, Vala has latent magical and healing abilities that Elvar helps her develop. But their euphoric bliss quickly comes crashing down when the insidious Spindler kidnaps Vala’s beloved parents. The Spindler is an evil sorcerer and stealer of souls and in the past, caused havoc in the fae kingdom of Candalia. With her parents’fate hanging in the balance, Vala needs to dig deep and embrace her newly discovered magical abilities to overcome the Spindler and save her parents from certain death.