The Guardians Of Unification, book one of the Vixing series

A thousand years ago, there was a war on the dark galaxy between the Scorpions and the Zouxes, both the most powerful unrestrained races ever created. The atrocity of the war led to the destruction of several planets and in anger, the Gods withdrew their powers and were cast into a Blackstone. The coordinates of the Blackstone were placed in an Anchor which was handed over to the human species to safeguard it.
However, the Scorpions immediately counter-attacked and sent a group called the Lineage tasked to retrieve the Anchor revealing the Blackstone. There was no possible way of protecting the Anchor in such a circumstance so the primitive ancestors experimented with the Anchor creating the Guardians of Unification, supernatural beings entrusted with the task of protecting the Anchor from the Lineage. This experiment resulted in the near annihilation of the human species and disappearance of the Anchor for a millennium until now.
The shadows of the atrocity have been drawn out for the Guardians to face at a time where the Lineage has grown to become one of the largest organizations on the face of the planet with a history of innovation, effective risk management, modern scientific knowledge and advanced artillery technology which is optimally positioned to quantify, control and capitalize on the Guardians. Will this unparalleled change, alter the existence of the human species or not?