The Road to Recovery (Vol. 1)

Joy and Noelani used to be childhood best friends back when Joy and her family visited Hawaii each summer. However, after the fall out of Joy’s parent’s divorce, the pair lost contact. By a string of fateful events, Joy and Noelani find their way back to each other, but this time a lot has changed. Now in their late twenties, Joy is now Joy Anderson, Olympic champion snowboarder, and a rising superstar; while Noelani is now a free-spirited happy-go-lucky adult who enjoys hanging out with friends and surfing gnarly waves. When Joy decides that she wants a change of scenery, she moves to Half Moon Bay California where she’s reunited with her long-lost friend. Both women are overjoyed to be together again and find themselves falling back into their once close friendship, except, this time it becomes romantic. Both women are excited to explore the possibility of a romantic relationship, but Joy knows it will be difficult due to her past dealing with both drug and sex addiction. Noelani is not expecting her relationship with Joy to be as detrimental as it becomes, but when she’s faced with the truth of Joy’s past Noelani’s happy-go-lucky outlook on life is shattered and replaced with a much grimmer darker one. Even with the drama, will these star-crossed lovers find a way to make their relationship whole again? Or is the damage too severe to rebuild what they had?