LABYRINTH BREAKER: The Next Generation of Space War, Sci-Fi MOVIE SCRIPT

When Rahumpa escalates a labyrinth space war, nobody can win. It all started when his grandfather Mahumpa, the leader of the planet Domento, decided to take control of the planet Neugon. After a lot of effort and many years with no success, he devises a plan for defeating the Neugons, who have a scientist, named Raul that creates high-tech machines. Meher seduces Raul, and her and Raul’s DNA are used to create a super-child, who she names Rahumpa. When Rahumpa gets older and takes up his grandfather’s mantle, the tables turn, and he destroys and controls all the nearby planets, taking hold with an unbeatable army.Meanwhile, Raul moves forward, with no knowledge that Rahumpa is his son, and has a son named Antal, who eventually becomes the leader of the Neugons. Antal declares that they win the war against Rahumpa and enlists the smartest people in the universe to work together. To win this war, he must break the chains forged by his half-brother, struggling through the labyrinth of advanced technology and medicine. Antal is unlike Raul and Mahumpa—he believes in peace and has a brave heart. One day, while protecting another world’s labs and scientists, he falls in love with the president’s daughter, Angelica, who is a renowned expert with guns. Rahumpa made a big mistake, though: he kidnaps Angelica when she doesn’t have any of her firearms handy and wants to force her to marry him. While holding her hostage, he designs and creates a set of spaceships that work together in a series of circles, with only one way in and out. The end of the war leads to Antal and Rahumpa learning that they are brothers. Will Antal ever win the war, or will Rahumpa always be unbeatable?