Balanced on Purpose

Money, power, success – all things we aspire to obtain… but at what expense? If you’re like most people, items deemed important to quickly fall by the wayside. Illness, financial struggles, relationship problems, and the normal obstacles life places in our path begin to weigh heavily on your mind. How we choose to deal with those problems is wherein the real problem lies. Balanced on Purpose: The Story of Seven Cows takes an in-depth look at those areas where you struggle to survive and highlights the seven basic tenets – spheres of life – that can save you from yourself and inspire you to move beyond the negative feelings, beyond the rat race, and beyond all that holds you back. Soon, the bright, successful future you envisioned will be your new reality. Discover what it means to live a happy, successful, more meaningful life by making just a few simple changes that will have a long-lasting impact.