Redefit: Fitness Redefined

The RedeFit Model is a revolutionary approach to health and fitness. Many health and fitness programs target single aspects of your life—recommending fad diets for weight loss, new-fangled weight training for building strength, or trendy bootcamp workouts. As a result, they do not help you achieve the long-term holistic outcomes you desire. As multifaceted human beings, we are so much more than our bodies, minds, and environment alone. The RedeFit Model is designed to integrate the three dimensions of you on your individualized fitness journey. By redefining fitness, you can achieve the lean, healthy, and happy life you’ve always deserved.
The RedeFit Model will reignite your hope for a life you once felt was out of reach. You’ll learn that the seemingly impossible is possible. This approach is designed to respond to changes throughout your life to achieve and sustain a healthier, happier you.
The model outlined in this book is a multi-dimensional approach stemming from the collaboration of three professionals with extensive backgrounds in health, nutrition, fitness and behavioral psychology. In these pages you’ll discover:
• Why the current approaches to health and fitness have failed.
• How to redefine fitness to become lean, healthy and happy.
• Steps to take right away to improve your mindset.
• What happiness looks like for you.
• Recommendations for achieving balance for a long-lasting, healthy, and active life.
• An individualized and adaptable approach for your unique journey.