The Maladroit

Kaly Aiton is a top-notch veterinarian… 

…but a real klutz away from her clinic.

And men? Forget about it! There’s only so many awkward encounters, embarrassing situations, and bizarre injuries a man will stick around for.

Until Henry… Henry with the gorgeous smile, graceful manner, and immeasurable patience.

Just when Kaly dares to hope her luck has turned, Henry disappears leaving her with his beloved dog, Mortimer. She’s used to men abandoning her, but was he so anxious to go that he would abandon Mortimer?

After a seemingly unrelated break-in, Kaly senses there may be another reason for Henry’s disappearance and sets out to find him. It soon becomes obvious others are hunting Henry as well-others that will do anything to get rid of the competition.

can Kaly find Henry first? Or will her maladroit tendencies trip her up one last time?