When The Stones Fell I Picked Up A Rock: Soul Trauma

When the stones fell I picked up a rock is an influential book about the a woman who wore her hurt for a long time, she has experienced more than an average human being should, she didn’t lose her mind but transformed her mind while she remained standing through the storms, trials, tribulations, and adversary. Can anyone imagine one human that have experienced domestic violence, molestation, adoption, wrongful conviction, and family betrayal which caused her to suffer traumatically with deep roots of fear, anxiety, stress, low self-esteem and lack of confidence that she needs to be uprooted.She was completely broken in half, what she felt like seemed she was damaged beyond repair. She knew that if anyone was going to try to fix her broken heart and heal her mind it had to be beyond the ordinary. She tried a therapist, a psychologist, a psychiatrist no one seemed to understand her thinking pattern.One day as she wept profusely she began to pray and surrender her life to a higher power. She picked up a rock that was the one piece in her life that she was missing. This rock was not an ordinary rock it was a sacred spiritual rock. She didn’t know this rock was going to change her life forever.How did she overcome the trauma? A MUST READ.