The ketogenic cookbook: A tasty introduction to Keto Health and Weight Loss

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• Do you think it’s impossible to enjoy tasty food and follow a healthy lifestyle?
• Do you want to follow a keto diet, but don’t know how to start it right?
• Have you any medical restrictions and limited in the food?
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What can you expect from this book?
• A brief description of what is the low carb diet how to do it in the right way.
• Everyday delicious ketogenic kitchen of seafood, steaks, pancakes, wraps, burgers, soups, salads and other food in keto style
• Cooking tips and my secrets how to make keto recipes in quick and easy.
• Handy Charts with calories, keto friendly food and nutritional information to control your weight.
• Bonus 7 days meal plan, based on provided recipes
• Dietary labels for every dish.
• Do you want more? Keto challenge from the author only for readers

This book is designed to help my readers to lose weight, save time and cook what you love! Buy this book on Amazon and start your delicious journey right now!