The Habit of the Sorcerer: Book One of the Habit Trilogy

Hyzou is pulled from the smouldering ash. They’ll bring him to a land he doesn’t know, the slave of a Pharaoh he’s never heard of. 

He’s always had the visions. Little maybe-futures that play out in his brain. When they start to become about the present, Hyzou realises he may not be the person he always assumed he was. Day-by-day, the world around him disintegrates into violence and debauchery, and the date of his death inches every closer. 

With survival on the line, Hyzou must decide whether to obey the master, or act on his own behalf to survive. One mistake could see him crucified. Or worse.

The Habit of the Sorcerer is book one of The Habit Trilogy. Book two, The Habit of the Kingmaker, and book three, The Habit of the Emperor, are available on Amazon today!