Amazon FBA – Lessons From $20,000,000 In 2018: Your Playbook To Building A $10,000/Month Passive Income Or Your eCommerce Empire… You Decide

A no-fluff, straight to the point FBA guide.

Do you want to start selling on Amazon FBA? Or maybe you’re already selling on Amazon FBA and want to get to the next level? This is for you.

It covers, in great details, everything from:

– Amazon Fundamentals

– the vocabulary and concepts you must know before getting started

– Product Research and the two main philosophies and how to go about doing both

– Product Sourcing – Finding the right suppliers for you, getting your samples for FREE most of the time, and a template to contact suppliers so you don’t forget anything

– Shipping – All you need to know to be able to communicate with your supplier or freight forwarder, get a great price on your shipments, and how many units to order

– Creative Work – Get you logo, packaging, insert and pictures done correctly!

– Listing Optimization

– Every aspect of your listing, which one matters the most, how to find the best keywords, and much more

– Building Your Brand – An introduction on how to build your community outside of Amazon to help you launch products more efficiently

– Product Launch – How many units, the dos and donts, review strategies, and more

– Amazon PPC – Setting up your first campaigns, analyzing and optimizing them