Boston and the Bullfrog

Boston, a lovable bulldog, moves to a new town and sets out to make new friends. He quickly realizes that not everyone is friendly and welcoming. Discouraged, he goes home with his tail between his legs. However, with persistence, he teaches others about compassion and kindness. These are life lessons that every child can benefit from while they enjoy the beautifully illustrated story. Boston and the Bullfrogs was penned by Biggie Silvestri, who was born in a small town north of Boston. He recently moved to Richmond, VA where he found his dream-dog, Boston, a baby bulldog who inspired him to write this story. Biggie has always loved telling stories and at one time in his life his friends called him “Joe Stories.” He credits his creative side to his dad who always told Biggie and his three brothers bedtime stories. He credits his writing to his mom, who always loved to write poetry. Biggie is a father to one son and married his high school sweetheart, Kelly. He hopes to bring a positive message to all who hears his story.