Thou Shall Not Break: Business Codes You Must Follow

Success is never an easy thing to quantify and an even more difficult thing to achieve. When the time comes for a major transition in your ailing business life, without definite principles to guide you and a set of codes to follow, the future can seem daunting. Overcoming uncertainty and achieving realistic, positive outcomes are matters that revolve around one person – you.
By recounting her personal experiences of hitting an unexpected low in her personal and professional life, Kweilin Wofford offers insight on how hard times are often accompanied and perhaps even set in motion by self-doubt, complacency, and inaction. 
Chapter by chapter, Wofford reveals her personally tried and tested action plan to counter the mental blocks that lead to undesirable outcomes, based on two simple concepts: principles and codes. 
With her five principle and ten code approach to revitalizing your professional and business life, the author provides a structured and practical guide to achieving goals, overcoming obstacles, and setting yourself on a path to healing and success. 
A clear and succinct guide to business success, Thou Shalt Not Break: Business Codes You Must Follow will help you:
•Shape your personal life as well as your business life to garner positive outcomes
•Learn how to find the motivation to improve your productivity and efficiency
•Face and overcome adversity through introspection
•Set realistic and effective goals
•Enhance your personal skills and value through the right avenues
•Build a set of personal codes to guide your moral, spiritual, and professional life