REAL ESTATE: A Guide for First Time Agents to Effectively Grow Your Business From Nothing to a Sustainable Growing Career (Beginner’s Guide, Career Management, Lead Generation, Real Estate Investors)

People usually go into real estate because they are attracted to the flexible hours, opportunities to earn large amounts of money, and to build a business that will grow their income every year. This means you have to be willing to learn the steps it takes to get business from day one. Some of the strategies will involve changing your personal approach and leveraging yours and others’ skills in more ways than one. You also have to figure out the types of clients and investors you want to work with if your business is to grow to the next level.
From now on, this book should be part of your personal real estate education guide. Read it as many times as you like, and take the proposed actions. If you commit to applying and utilizing the knowledge you gain from this, then the sky is the limit.
Here are a few things you can expect to learn:

    • Strategies for Starting Out
    • How to Make Your First Commission…Quick
    • Real Estate Investing
    • Crowdsourcing
    • Grow Your Business with Virtual Assistants

…and much more…