Be hungry.. Be foolish..Steve JOBS.: The Values of Success

The values of success:
Is a series that presents to each of us, a set of values to be acquired and implemented to achieve our own professional and social success, well-being, satisfaction; in short, to achieve our happiness. 
The discovery of models of world-famous personalities, who have fully realized their success thanks to the values in which they believed and adopted, will certainly encourage us to want to review our lives and improve ourselves.
Steve JOBS: “Be hungry.. Be foolish..”:
There are many lessons that can be learnt from his personal life, his approach to work and the ethics that governed the way he interacted with those around him and the world in general. It is through these lessons that we can better understand how to do better and become valuable members of the society. 
This book will examine the life and values of Steve Jobs and present to you a sure way to success using the values he held dear.
No matter who you are, where you work and the things you are interested in, if you are passionate about creating value and impacting the world, this book is for you.