The Heralds of the Dreamland: A tale of four worlds

A land surrounded by mountains was just a stopover for its immortal inhabitants. The real home lied elsewhere. According to the religion that has governed their world for centuries, people’s souls were supposed to depart to the Dreamland. Most humans in this world had forgotten about conflicts and greed. All that was on their mind was reaching the promised heaven-the dreamland. Why would humans who are naturally so tightly attached to earth, who have finally attained immortality, seek another world? The Dreamland was the place where every dream can become a reality, where every person can be a main protagonist in his own story, where people do not merely exist but in fact experience their own perfect version of reality? For hundreds of years, Earth and the Dreamland were the only known worlds to mankind, until extraordinary events disrupt the lives of the main characters in this story and reveal secrets long hidden by the rulers of those worlds.
The characters will have to face an universal dilemma – eternity or evanescence.