Consciously Creating Camelot: The Body’s Journey to Immortality and the Birth of the Divine Human

“Do whispers of miracles and magic continually flow from your heart but your mind dismisses them as wishful thinking? Does this same gentle voice reveal the Truth of physical immortality and urge you to greater heights in thought, but self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors keep you tethered to mortality and aligned with death? What if you suddenly became aware and convinced “without a doubt” that you are a God? How would that affect your perceptions, shift how you feel and treat yourself and view the world?

Are you ready to answer the call of your heart, fully embrace your divinity, play in the realm of miracles and magic and create Heaven on Earth, our New Camelot? 

If so, open your mind to instruction in a new way of living, of aligning with a dawning consciousness of Love. You’ll leave the past behind and the future alone and embrace the moment where you’ll romp eternally in the Playground of the YOUniverse.