The Relationship Success Handbook: Get Rid of Your Problems Not Your Partner

People are stressed, frustrated, and feeling insignificant. They have allowed others and some misguided self-talk, to determine how they view themselves. This book will help you fall in love with the person you see in the mirror every day. This shift in your relationship with ‘YOU’ will allow your relationships with others to work and to flourish.LEARN HOW TO…You will finally get rid of the need to have the approval of others. You will feel good about yourself with or without their support. You will see the strength and control of your life that you gain by having self-love. The feeling of peace that will come into your life. This book will allow you to:Process situations differently to reduce stress and anger in your life.Make all of your relationships work (even the ones you let go of).Accept yourself and fall in love with you just the way you are.Understand how to be at peace with or without a partner.Gain a different perspective on losing someone close to you.Be able to celebrate the differences in people.You will understand that humans judge, but you will only use it to better yourself and others.Realize that doing right creates a simpler life than having to be right.In these pages you will uncover . . .You Are The Best Gift You Can Offer The World: Love YourselfUnderstand why you do the things you do.The Six human needs and The Four Personalities we all share.Being different keeps a relationship from being predictable and boring.Love the person in the mirror.Attract the right people into your life.Change those limiting beliefs you were taught and move towards your life desires.Learn to trust that gut feeling and allow it to be your guide.Learn a better way to reduce stress, frustration and anger than blaming others.It’s not who is right but doing what is right.Learn to use your partner’s differences to grow in your relationship.Create a peaceful state of mind after losing someone close to you.Live your dreams instead of allowing others to make that decision for you