The Storyteller: The King

Micaela has a big imagination. She loves to tell stories. 

Every night, she gathers up her toys for their bedtime story. She always makes a story that is full of fun and adventure. She also makes sure to have a lesson in each story. She doesn’t want her toys to get a bad attitude or forget how to be good toys. Before she begins her tale for the night she asks: 
“Are you ready?”

Father and Daughter team bring Micaela’s stories to everyone. Micaela is an 8-year old that loves to tell stories to everyone. She will fall into her stories and often forget she is talking to someone. Her father loves to listen to her imagination “run wild” and got the idea to start recording them. Once a story was finished, her daddy would work on weaving her story into something that parents and children everywhere would enjoy. Mikay, the main character telling the story, is Micaela and her daddy tries to capture the real things she does when she tells a story. 

“The King” is the first of her many stories. Beautifully illustrated by Filipino artist Juno Abreu, it tells the tale of Terry the Tyrannosaurus. Terry has a big ego. He thinks he is the biggest, strongest and the best. One day he learns a valuable lesson about bragging and being arrogant. 

Share this story with your children to teach them the value of being humble and thinking before speaking.