Motivation: F*ck Motivation: It’s your Life A Guide on How to Live your Life and Be Happy

Wondering what successful people do differently than others?
Why can’t your life be every bit as happy as theirs?

In this book, I will show you what’s missing from your particular equation, so that you can get your life on track and instantly feel yourself inclined toward doing what it takes.

You may be surprised that you have more control over your life than you think. I have heard people who have come to me for advice moaning about why their lives are so bad, but when push comes to shove, the only person who needed shoving in the right direction was them! That’s why I wrote this book. They actually begged me to because my system works and it can be your system too. It’s all about the Law of Attraction and getting rid of all of the negativity that you allow to get in the way of your progress. Yes, it’s you who allows it. Thus, I need to teach you a new way to look at life that not only gives you the incentive to succeed and be happy, but that will lead you to doing the things you need to do without having to motivate yourself. As the title says “F*ck Motivation!” You don’t need motivational books to tell you what you already know.

What you do need is a step in the right direction followed by another step in the right direction. Once I help you to find that direction, you won’t look back with regret anymore. In fact, you will have so many ideas about where your life is going that you will be tireless! Read on and find your energy within the pages of this book. Once you have, don’t forget where you got that sense of happiness from. Be prepared to congratulate yourself because you are the only one who can make this kind of difference to your own life!

Here is what you will discover…
• Learn Not to Listen to Nay-Sayers
• Don’t be a Follower
• Why Analysis Paralysis Doesn’t Work
• Looking for Approval from Others
• It’s your Life!
• Taking Action Regardless of Past Experiences