The Wedding On The Mount: A Good Marriage Starts With A Great You

MARRIAGE is not a place where you can just cruise your way through the race and collect your prize at the end, but in this covenant relationship you are called to run your leg of the race, moment by moment, day by day, as if it was the most important portion of all. When running a race, the worst and most unprofitable thing one could do is to look around to check if others are putting as much effort as themselves. The truth is, whenever you look around, you slow down. 
Gentlemen, keep your head straight and daily choose not to “worry” about your wife’s effort, (mind your business). On a daily basis, run your leg of love and patiently lead her on, by being a Christlike example. Ladies, stop fussing with him about whether or not his light is on; keep your light trimmed and burning for the sake of Christ, which will then give your husband a safe path to walk in. If Christ can get a full and firm hold of “you” through your surrender to His will, He would have already fixed fifty percent of the issues that are currently present in the marriage, or issues that could possibly arise in the home.