The Codex of Tyler Grayson: Creatures Among Us

Magic, monsters, and murder. Not usually three words that describe the life of a typical high school student.

But in the world of Tyler Grayson, these words describe his new life immaculately.

Upon discovery of his family’s treasured heirloom, the Codex of Creatures, everything changes. The tome speaks of Merfolk, Gadwen, Dragons and Demons, and all that was once fairy tale becomes real as tragedy and treachery strikes Tyler down and forces him to choose:

Comfort or Danger? Friend or Foe? Honor or Vengeance?

A new and exciting magical world awaits him, but it’s one that he never belonged to. Will the creatures trust him, an outsider, to fulfill the destiny wrought by his ancestors 2000 years prior?

The fate of the world depends on it, for it’s not only faeries and forest dryads that roam the realms of man. The dark and sinister lust for the Codex, and only Tyler Grayson stands in their way.