SOLD TO THE BANKER: Book Six: The Virgin Is Sold

When Jordan found out her father had gambled away the money left for her brother to finish medical school, she was determined to find a way to pay his tuition herself.

She saw the advertisement for The Virgin’s Auction and put herself up for sale for enough money to keep Trevor in school.

The man who bought her was tall, dark, handsome, interested in only in kinky sex and emotionally unavailable.

Oh well, Jordan wasn’t going into this thinking it was a love affair. It was a business arrangement, and she could endure a BDSM relationship for a year, couldn’t she?

Neither she nor Eamon Fitzgibbon expected to form a bond that might keep them together longer…

If you like stories of Alpha men and innocent women who submit to them, you’ll love Sold To The Banker, Book Six in Virginia Innocenti’s series The Virgin Is Sold.