Say You Want Me


I need something. Something only Jonathan can give me. 

The boy I loved all my life. The boy who broke my heart when he left for fame and fortune. 

I have to suck it up and find him, so I can ask for his help. It was supposed to be simple. 

Until I fell for him again. Now he’s looking at me like I always imagined he would.

Like he wants me. 

So how can I explain why I’m really here? 


The world thinks I have it all. 

After all, I’m the drummer for the famous band, Full Moon. 

Truth is, I had to leave a lot behind to pursue my dream. 

My parents, my little brother, and the girl next door who I was secretly in love with. 

I’ve never regretted choosing music, 

but the past has just fallen back into my arms. 

I’m determined not to let her go this time. 

Jonathan and Camille’s story starts in Say You Want Me and finishes in Say You Need Me.