Know Your Brain.: Learn how to put your brain on Auto Pilot care mode . (Mental Well-being Book 11)

Most people have at some time shown a basic interest in improving their physical fitness 
and strength. For this reason, most people have at least a basic idea of what fitness training entails and 
how to look after their body’s health.
But seeing as brain health is a far less understood topic, this is an area that many people actually lack 
even basic knowledge of! 
This book then will serve as a basic primer and introduction to your brain, as well as an advanced guide 
to how you can develop it and nurture it. We will cover everything from the basics of how the brain 
functions and good nutrition, all the way to much more advanced topics such as smart drugs and 
‘embodied cognition’. 
You will learn:
 How your brain works
 The nature of intelligence
 How brain plasticity changes everything we once knew about the brain
 Why the right nutrition is crucial for optimum brain function
 The best lifestyle practices for increasing intelligence and improving performance
 How to increase focus and concentration
 How to train your body to train your mind
 How to use the right kind of brain training to enhance your cognition
 How nootropics work, who is taking them and whether you should take part
 Psychological tricks like CBT to help your brain work for you
 The power of meditation
 How to increase brain power by electrocuting it…
 Top things you need to STOP doing to avoid damaging your brain
 And MUCH more