The Secret Life of a Housewife

Busy busy busy, that’s how Joyce likes to keep her life because if she stands still long enough, she can see the bars that hold her in place. From the outside looking in, it seems like Joyce is living the American dream. After all, she has a wife, Lisa, who gives her anything she could ever want and three teens who seem to be headed down the right path. However, nothing is as it appears. Beyond the walls of her mansion, Joyce finds herself dealing with a powerful wife who refuses to let her go, a son whom she never speaks to and a pregnant teen daughter. All the affairs in the world and the love of her favorite son do not satisfy the inner desire Joyce has to run free. Time slows down for no one and Joyce is beginning to feel as if her days are numbered. At her wit’s end, Joyce finds herself at a standstill between her commitment to her family or the never-ending desire to hop on a train headed towards freedom. But even with the distance, will her heart ever be free of Lisa?