Keto Diet: The beginners guide to understanding the basics and benefits of keto, and how it can improve your health in more ways than just weight loss!

Understand the process and benefits of the Ketogenic diet for your journey to a healthier life! If you want to fully understand ketogenic diet, then you must know the concept of ketosis by heart. Ketosis can either be a good or a bad thing, depending on WHY it happens.I know that each diet scheme has its own advantages, but keto is for someone who wants to lose weight fast – depending on how your body goes into ketosis. 

As someone who loves the ketogenic diet because of its effectiveness as a weight loss routine, I am duty-bound to fully disclose the benefits, the risks, and of course, the side effects. Somehow, you’ve heard of the prowess of the ketogenic diet when it comes to fitness and health. I don’t want you to start doing keto with very high expectations and zero doubts, so this book will discuss everything that can make or break your keto journey!