Bankroll Boyz: A Dallas Romance

Troy Banks, the second son of a hustler, not your average drug dealer from Dallas. Hailing from a seemingly, upstanding family he meets and falls hard for Nayelis, a snappy, takes no shit from anybody, East Arlington girl. Following in his father’s footsteps, Troy takes the crown but soon realizes David never had plans to give him the throne. Not willing to take less than he deserves, Troy goes his own way. Embarking on new territory and greater heights but nobody wins when the family feuds. And Troy soon finds out when you when some you have more to lose. Should he have stayed in his father’s good graces or can he lift himself from the trenches untouched? 

Nayelis Mendoza, the daughter of a battered woman and womanizing father… Life is everything but sweet. Constantly singled out by her step-father as a child, she grows up with her guard up. Bottling her emotions, she shows no weaknesses. Living life with caution, she meets her mysterious match and falls helplessly in love with him. Used to having her guard up, Troy knocks them down in a matter of minutes and has her overthinking everything in her life. Love never came easy but with Troy it’s second nature. Is this real love or is he using me?