That One Night (Finding Love Book 1)

Who knew a one-night stand would become such a colossal mistake? 

Certainly not Lucy Copeland, who was the epitome of a workaholic and did not have time for a relationship. A distraction was not what she needed while she was on her way to climb the marketing ladder. So, when a one-night stand presented itself in the package of a sexy man she met at the bar, she took it. 

And it was perfect. Like, best sex of her life perfect. It didn’t explain why she snuck out of his house without so much as leaving her number, but it wasn’t like they were going to be pen pals. She did the right thing. 

When Jack Anderson woke up alone in bed, which was not what he intended after the fireworks of a one-night stand, he was pissed she left. He distracted himself with work that was never ending. As attorney for the Warriors, an up and coming soccer club, he was looking for someone to handle promotions that would lead them into the MLS.

The answer to his marketing problems was late for the meeting. As if this wasn’t bad enough, when she finally showed, it was none other than Lucy Copeland. 

Their passion was replaced with animosity for one another. Not only did they have to figure out how they were going to work together, they also had to figure out how to deal with the ongoing attraction they still felt. 

Lucy made it clear she was not looking for a relationship. But could Jack make her compromise?