Nearly Sane: Don’t Look Down

Contemporary poetry at it’s best. What does a landscaper, field worker, graffiti prevention coordinator, program manager for at risk youth, vegan, author, husband, father, and college graduate all have in common? You’re about to find out. The author has been all of the above and more. In this delightful book of short stories and even shorter poems, take a look at his wry and funny observations of the world.
Most of the poems are free verse (meaning non-rhyming). The author doesn’t see the world in rhymes. His goal is to show that short writings can have multiple layers and pack an emotional punch. 

You can probably read all the content in an hour. Interpreting and understanding might take days. 

Mainly he hopes you will enjoy reading them as much as he enjoyed writing them. They run the gamut of emotions.

Dive in! The water is deeper than you might imagine.