The Power to Change The way you Love Yourself

The goal of this book is to reintroduce you to you, and the beauty of self love…This book teaches self love, team work, and respect which is of great importance. From over 20 years of experience, teaching, holding workshops, groups, and studying how to love. I have discovered that too many people do not believe in themselves and are lacking self love and acceptance. Discovering self-love is a great life changing experience. I believe deeply in the educative value of interpretive discussion of a wellspring of self love for all especially in today’s society.
I also believe that self-love could be learned at any stage of your life, and you can enrich and strengthen others by teaching and leading the discussions and practices presented in this book. Participating in interpretive discussions can help not only yourself but also others alike to learn to use their minds, and hearts to start the quest to self love.There are many different interpretations of love: it’s important to find the correct and efficient ways to love. Self love should be natural but for most this could be difficult to do. When you start to love yourself first you will see the positive change in every aspect of your life.
Dig deep down in your soul and search for the reason be honest with yourself do not pass blame. Stop finding fault in yourself start the healing process by applying what you will learn from this book. Our beliefs and/or cultures affects our feelings, and behavior towards love. When we continue to hurt due to our beliefs this will affect our spirits, character and emotions. We become stagnant not reaching our ful love potential. 

If you have never practiced the steps to self love you will never know the outcome of how happy you’ll become. Most times we are dealing with internal conflicts which sometimes could become unbearable and we intren push others away. To assist with maintaining focused I will suggest that you, Purchase a journal, write down positive attributes about yourself. 
Write out daily affirmations. Find something that your passionate about and add it to your schedule, start a routine. 

Start with these 10 steps…
Self introduction
Self forgiving 
Self healing
Self understanding 
Self value
Self trust
Self recognition
Self Praise
Self knowing
Self acceptance 

Equipping yourself with the right ingredients for Love you must provide whatever is needed.