The Best of the Best: Cristiano Ronaldo.: The secret of a man of value lies in his value system.

More than a book, it is a training that leads you, through its pages, to success, by taking the hand to cross the first line of creation mode of success.
The values of success:
Is a series that presents to each of us, a set of values to be acquired and implemented to achieve our own professional and social success, well-being, satisfaction; in short, to achieve our happiness. 
The discovery of models of world-famous personalities, who have fully realized their success thanks to the values in which they believed and adopted, will certainly encourage us to want to review our lives and improve ourselves.
The best of the best:
Cristiano Ronaldo.
The secret of a man of value lies in his value system.
First in this series, reveals the secret of a man of value. It presents its value system and retraces its long and painful journey to glory, focusing on ten values of success; a journey full of emotions and lessons for each of us; a model of effort and perseverance to succeed, which can be an inspiration for all young people who want to embark on life successfully.